Meaning of Food Blogging

Food blogging represents a complex interweaving of “foodie” or gourmet interest in cooking with those of blog writing and phtography.. The majority of blogs use pictures taken by the author himself/herself and some of them focus specifically on food photography.

There are different types of Food blogging.

  • Recipes
  • Food/Restaurant Review
  • Food and Travel (Ethics and Culture)
  • Food Photography

Tips For Food Blogging

Some of the tips should be considered whilw doing food blogging :

Focus More on Content Rather Than Numbers

At the very starting, few people will come to your blog and read your stuff. But slowly, you have to make it interesting. Don’t look at the numbers; just write and put some photographs, which people find interesting. Without any great content, your blog simply won’t grow.

Start Making Connection

Making connections! Isn’t that blogging what all about? Connection is very important for any blog. You must start engaging with your readers. You can start connecting with them on Instagram. Start giving replies to their comments. You can also create your Instagram Page and there also, you can start engaging with them. Start to put some stories and short videos at both the places – website and social media platforms. You must look after what your readers want them from you.

Focus More on Photography

As mentioned earlier, food blog is meaningless without photos in it, but it’s the hard work of the blogger and the recipes. You have to post some photos on your blog so as to make it look more attractive for the readers. Also start making videos of some of the difficult recipes and some famous recipes. People search for such recipes often.

Be Present on Social Media

If you’re a food blogger and not didn’t exist in any of the social media platform, then are you really a blogger? Not at all. You must be present on different social media platforms and post content there also. You can create accounts on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can post photos and short videos on Instagram to connect more with audience.

Attend a Blog Conference

It is good to attend a blog conference. Attending a food blogging conference is hands-down the best things you can do for your brand-new blog. There are different workshops like photography and photo editing workshops, blogging, SEO classes and more. You can get an opportunity to meet, connect and collaborate with other bloggers like you.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success. You have to post articles on a regular basis so that you can connect with more audience and even learn more about them. You can even make a blogging schedule and start following it strictly.

Guide For WordPress Theme ( Food Blogging )

  1. SEO ( Search Engine Optimiztion )– It is an important factor that plays a important role in your blog success. Themes designed with SEO makes on-page SEO very easy and should provide.

A. Options for specifying separate meta titles and descriptions for each post and page.

B. Display taxonomies like categories and tags.

C. Clean and simple navigation.

D. Appropriate use of heading HTML tags that highlights the importance of text

2. Responsive Layout- It is said that about 70 to 80 visitors comes from mobile. Responsive themes automatically resize and rearrange segments of the blog based on the screen size of device and provide better usabilty. It also spares you from customizing the content and maintaining multiple websites for each device type allowing you to focus more on the content than an ever-changing technology. Responsive layout design is also recommend by Goggle for better making in search results.

3. Performance Optimization and Page Load Speed- It means how much time it takes to display and render the page after user clicks on a link or presses enter after typing a URL in browser. Longer it takes to display the page, higher the chances that visitor would go away to some other site. Benefits of using performance optimized WordPress themes are:

A. Higher ranking in search results- All major search engines look at how fast your website loads as one of the parameter for ranking any website.

B. It requires lesser CPU processing time and resources on server and less rendering time on clients browser, which means that you can pay less for smaller server and still be able to serve same number of page requests.

4. Multi Browser Compatabilty- People access internet via various kind of bowsers like Goggle Chrome, Internet Explorer,etc. and even though all major browser follows standard HTML, CSS and Java script specifications, they sometimes display things differently and may lead to sub-optimal experience for visitors using those browsers. All good quality theme developers provide multi browser support and list it in their promotional documents.

5. Optimized for Monetization- When your aim is to earn a side income from food blogging or make it a main source of income eventually,pay close to attention where can you display advertisers and which different sizes can be displayed on different pages and parts of website.

6. Security- WordPress itself as a platform is secure enough and provides security patches quickly to protect your blog against any known or newly discovered vulnerabilities. However, themes also include a php code in it and that can introduce new vulnerabilities that are not present in the platform itself and will not be fixed by platform updates. A quick glance around paid themes shows that not all developers specify whether their themes adheres to the recommend best practice or not.

7. Customizable Layout Design- Depending on your preference, you may want to have different one column, two columns or three columns lay out with flexibility to apply it to all or only few selected pages of your website.

8. Color Schemes- It provides great opportunity to give your blog its own identity and diiferentiate it from other blogs that use same themes. Ideally color schemes of your blog should be same or similar to your logo. Almost all themes provide few predefined color schems to choose from but what you need to look for its whether it has recommend CSS class designs or not that would allow you to change color scheme with minimal technical effort if predefined color schemes doesn’t meet your needs.

9. Widgets Support- It allows you display your content like recent posts, popular posts, social media icons, etc. , in predefined places holders like side bar, header, footer, etc. Higher the number of options for placing widgets in different locations the better.

10. Licenses and Updates- Before finalizing and purchasing the theme, look at what kind of license do they provide? Can you use theme forone particular website or unlimted number of websites? Being able to get immediate support after purchase is critical if you run into any issues or ddiscovered a bug.

Software evolve and sooner or you would come across a situation where your WordPress version and themes version are not compatiable. Having lifelong free updates is definitely recommend, as it would not block you from upgrading to latest version of WordPress.

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