1. Put 5-6 cloves in sugar box so that no ants come to the sugar box.

2. If the skin has been burning or burnt put the mashed bananas on the face so that you feel cool on it.

3. Sprinkle boric powder in the kitchen corner so that no cockroach comes there,

4. Slightly warm the garlci peel so that it easily comes out from it.

5. If you break the green chilly stalk and put the green chilly in the refrigerator than it will lasts for long.

6. While cooking the fish put 1 tablespoon soya sauce in it than foul smeel will go away from it.

7. Putting green chillies in hot oil makes the oil crackle, add 1 pinch of salt to the oil.

8. If the pickle becomes hard than add some oil to it, the pickle will become soft to eat again.

9. While grinding red chilly, adding two to three three drops of mustard oil in it, its colour will be red only and it will not become light.

10. Putting the hot drinks on the glassware it can break the glassware. To avoid this, put the utensils on a wet cloth.

11. Do not wash the rice for very long, otherwise its nutrients will be destroyed.

12. Nutrients of vegetables are destroyed by cutting vegetables long before they are cooked.

13. While cooking potato vegetable dry or gravy add black cardamon to it and it will taste better.

14. The chapati and paratha are made tasty and warm when you knead dough in the paneer water.

15. Inspite of thrwing the peel of ginger and cardamon add it in the tea, the taste will be become more delicious.

16. If the tomatoes kept in the refrigerator start squeezing, then keep them in the salt water till the morning the tomatoes will be fresh.

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