Paneer ( deep fried to a light brown )

1/2 cup curd

2 tablespoon cumin seeds

2-3 green chillies

1 tablespoon ginger paste

1/4 cup oil

2 bay leaves

1/2tablespoon turmeric

Salt as per taste

1/2 tablespoon garam masala

1/2 red chilly powder

1 tablespoon coriander powder

Coriander leaves for garnish


  1. Heat the oil and add the cumin seeds and the bay leaves.

2.When the seed began to crackle, add the ginger paste. Saute  till a light brown.

3.Add the curd, turmeric, salt, garam masala, red chilly powder, and the coriander powder, and stir-fry.

4.Add the paneer and the green chillies and saute over high heat till the paneer is well mixed with the masalas.

5..Serve the rasa paneer hot, garnished with the coriander leaves.

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